Getting Back to School after Disruptions

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Getting Back to School after Disruptions

Students need to feel safe at school and have good relationships with peers and teachers so that they can learn, develop their educational potential, and achieve educational success. Many students are exposed to various demanding conditions and experiences during a state of emergency. All students are experiencing changes to their regime, isolation from friends, school, and usual activities. For many children, even their basic necessities (especially sufficient food, sleep and a sense of security) were probably not regularly met. Such children urgently need a safe, predictable, and friendly school environment upon their return. Especially if they continue to be at risk of not meeting their basic needs in the family environment. 

 In the enclosed document, are presented six strategies that increase the feeling of safety and predictability while supporting behavioral expectations. When returning to schools, using PBIS strategies help providing not only comprehensive support for all pupils, but also targeted support for children with a higher need for support. 

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